Trade IN

UNIEQ offers you the most beneficial terms for purchase and sale of pre-owned lift-trucks.

Trade-in program allows you to change your pre-owned lift truck for a new one with additional payment easy and fast.

Lift trucks of any models are included in lift truck change system. We estimate the cost of your lift truck and finalize its cost which consists of lift truck technical state, its mileage and manufacturing year.

We make a contract as soon as agreement is reached and you get a new lift truck after additional payment.

Trade-in gives you several benefits at the same time:

  • Lift truck fleet replacement;
  • Use your old fleet as an instrument of payment, regardless of its state;
  • Funds saving;
  • Production intensification due to new lift trucks usage effectiveness increase and maintenance costs decrease.

Thus, Trade-in is convenient and progressive form of a new lift truck purchase.

TRADE-IN LEASING: pre-owned lift truck transfer in the capacity of initial instalment when purchasing a new lift truck on credit.