Rent of forklifts

UNIEQ offers you the most beneficial terms for lift trucks rent.

Forklifts rent is the beneficial alternative to purchase:

  • Forklifts rent lets you extend used equipment fleet. Thus, you invest your main business, but not a purchase of main facilities;
  • You fulfil you production tasks without distracting for issues to be entrusted to professionals;
  • Opportunity to make precise planning of expenses for forklifts because there is no need to pay additionally for forklifts  maintenance and repair;
  • Forklifts  rent will help you to manage peak and season load!

Economic effect calculation for companies shows that during 2 years of 1.5 ton carrying capacity forklifts  rented exploitation expenses would be twice less than in case of purchase and including in the company balance.

UNIEQ offers rent on the following conditions:

  • Forklifts  type: diesel-powered, petrol-powered and electric fork lifts
  • Minimal rent duration: 1 hour
  • Maximum rent duration: not limited
  • Lifting capacity: 1.5 to 3.0 ton

Rented equipment maintenance.

Rent cost includes forklifts  monthly maintenance with expendable materials and service fluids replacement.