LEMA 25-115 hydraulic hand pallet truck

LEMA 25-115 hydraulic hand pallet truck
Load сapacity
Load center
Total lift height
Lowered fork heightClearance
Fork length
Fork width
Distance between fork-arms
Fork width
Fork height
Overall length
Handle height
Wheel size (front)
Wheel size (rear
Wheel number front/rear
Turning radius
2500 kg
575 mm
200 mm
85 mm
25 mm
1150 mm
540 mm
220 mm
160 mm
60 mm
1530 mm
1220 mm
200×50 mm
80×70 mm
2/4 pcs.
1367 mm

Grease cups
Operating guide (rus)

• polyurethane rollers and wheels
• polyurethane frostproof handle coating
• additional edger roller
• overload valve
• counterfeit protection – press-stamp
• fork material – hot-rolled low-carbon steel
• All wheel options available (polyurethane /steel, polyurethane /aluminium, rubber/ aluminium, nylon)

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