Electric towing tractors, electric pallet trucks

Electric towing tractors, electric pallet trucks

Hyundai will meet the requirements of its customers with its rich experience in construction equipment manufacturing.

40TA-7/15PA-7 machines manufactured by Hyundai are not only efficient, environmentally friendly and simple in service, but of improved maneuverability and low noise operating making them be the most widely used in towing and truck servicing by trading and distribution companies all over the world.

AC-engine usage gives power and speed control accuracy increase. It also cuts costs of maintenance and fault handling. Equipment is easily controlled due to centralized panel indicating equipment state and with self-diagnostics function.

Practical battery change. It is provided by additional space between battery and main frame for battery unimpeded move. Maintenance interval is up to 1000 service hours.


Load сapacity

Engine output

Travel speed


1.500 kg

5 kW

10 km/h


4.000 kg

48 kW

10 km/h