Leasing advantages

Leasing advantages for lessee:

  • Lessee analysis simplified approach. Particularly, as a rule, business plan submission is not required. Application review duration is about 1-3 days;
  • Leasing subject turn key delivery. Means that lessee doesn’t apply any additional efforts connected with leasing subject purchase, delivery and registration;
  • Technological equipment purchased against import contracts for further leasing transfer is exempted from customs duties and VAT on the territory of Uzbekistan Republic;
  • As a rule, security from the side of the lessee is not required;
  • Leasing margin includes cost of leasing subject insurance coverage for all the leasing period extension;
  • It is possible to finance up to 100% of leasing subject cost;
  • Leasing subject is booked on lessee’s balance and in connection with it:
    • Leasing subject is exempted from property tax;
    • It is possible to speed up leasing subject amortization. All the amortization amount is deducted from tax basis and, as a result, amount of property tax becomes almost twice less;
    • Leasing margin (lessor’s interest) reduces tax basis of lessee and, as a result, profit tax is reduced.