Attachments catalogue

Attachments catalogue

Side shift fork

Features: The forks shift from side to side, thus enabling the operator to position the cargo precisely without having to maneuver back and forth.

Applications: For precise loading of cargo onto cargo beds such as those of trucks. For an effective utilization of limited warehouse space.

Hinged Fork

Features: The hinged forks tilt can be tilted up to 85 degrees: 35 degrees upward and 50 degrees downward. The extensive tilting range of this attachment enables the forklift to hold the cargo securely.

Applications: For transporting raw timber or metal pipes. Also, by installing a bucket, the attachment can be used efficiently to handle loose materials such as scrap iron.

Full-Rotating Fork

Features: The forks rotate 360 degrees from side to side. Also, the forks can be oriented horizontally and used as standard forks.

Applications: Optimally suited for transporting or dumping loose items, powder, or liquid substances that are loaded onto box pallets.

Full-Rotating Paper Roll Clamp

Features: Securely clamps a paper roll without damaging it, thus ensuring the reliable loading and transporting of paper rolls.

Applications: For loading work in roll paper warehouses and for ensuring the proper loading of paper rolls onto trucks.

Side Shifting Drum Clamp

Features: Firmly grips a drum can, which is ordinarily difficult to handle, and transports it in a safe and reliable manner. This attachment is also economical because it does not require a pallet.

Applications: For loading drum cans onto trucks and for efficiently performing loading operations in storage areas.

Bale clamp

Features: Clamps the cargo directly from both sides, without having to select the size and without the need for a pallet.

Applications: Optimally suited for loading and transporting elastic and bulky cargo that is baled, such as grain, raw cotton, paper, and cloth.

Full-Rotating Pallet Fork Clamp

Features: Equipped with forks that open and close from side to side, this is a multifunctional attachment that can be used for both clamping operations and pallet operations.

Applications: Directly clamps and transports raw cotton, cloth, and baled grain. For work that involves pallets of different sizes.

Load Stabilizer

Features: Grasps the cargo firmly from the top, thus preventing the cargo from shifting. It can transport cargo reliably even on slopes or rough surfaces.

Applications: For transporting bottles or items that are packed in cartons. For transporting cargo that is elastic or has height variances.

Crane Arm

Features: The crane function can speedily transport objects that cannot be palletized.

Applications: For transporting items in bags, wooden crates, containers, hoop iron, raw timber, or for heavy objects for which forks cannot be used.